Who We Are

Xana Publishing and Marketing is an integrated digital publishing company based in Sydney, Australia, that specialises in collaborating with authors wanting to self-publish and promote their ebooks online.

We have a proven track record of turning forgotten, long-tail ebooks into number one bestsellers at Amazon.

We provide a bespoke service for authors’ specific needs, from delivering a full service through the whole publishing cycle to providing expert assistance at specific points in the production and marketing schedule.

We spend time and energy getting to know you and your work, to make sure we provide the optimum level of service for your particular needs.

You and your ebooks are the centre of everything we do.

Founder – Lama Jabr

Xana Publishing and Marketing was founded by Lama Jabr to deliver world-class services to local and international authors. A published author and online entrepreneur since 2004, Lama has worked as a digital marketing strategist, internet marketing and social media consultant, and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing expert before establishing Xana Publishing and Marketing as a vehicle for delivering customised digital publishing services for authors.
Lama’s extensive, up-to-date knowledge and experience of SEO at Amazon has improved sales for all ebook authors and has resulted in several number one bestselling titles. Read about Lama’s career in full at her LinkedIn Profile page.

The Team

Xana Publishing and Marketing comprises a network of experts and advisers to ensure you gain optimal publicity to sell your professionally published ebook. Our team members are located in Sydney and around the globe: we ensure that you receive world-class, current and effective services to give your ebook its best chance to succeed in the marketplace.

Xana Publishing and Marketing brings together two long-established companies –Xana Marketing (2004) and Xana Digital Publishing (2012) – to house all the services offered by these earlier companies. Xana Publishing and Marketing integrates online marketing, ebook marketing, author branding, research analysis, training, coaching, consulting, networking and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing under the same roof.

Our Core Principles:

  • We deliver high-quality publishing services tailored to authors’ needs;
  • We exist to increase sales of authors’ ebooks;
  • We work collaboratively to give authors’ ebooks the optimal environment to succeed in the marketplace;
  • We treat authors as people, not numbers
  • We welcome word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Find out what Xana Publishing and Marketing can do for you and your ebook’s success by getting in touch with us today.